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Arch.Env. & Energy Sys. lab

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Lab Introduction

Architectural Environment and Energy Systems (AEES) Lab. of Korea University is performing various research related to building energy and environmental technology that is essential for energy conservation and maintenance of a pleasant and healthy indoor environment. We have developed core technologies related to building energy system and environmental engineering that are necessary for our descendants of the future as well as technologies that are necessary for us living in the present. Through this, we are leading role in enhancing the health of our people and contributing to strengthening overall competitiveness in the building science field.

Main research topics of AEES Lab. are as follows:

• Artificial Intelligence based Model Predictive Control
• Variable Refrigerant Flow System
• Underfloor Air Distribution System
• Radiant Cooling & Heating System
• Unused Energy Source Applications for District Energy Supply Systems
• Fault Detection and Diagnosis
• ISO Standard Development for SHGC Measurement
• Renewable Energy System for Building Applications
• Energy Efficient Heat Pump System
• Emerging Technology in Building Mechanical Systems