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Exchange Student Programs

  • Incoming Exchange Students: From 2011 to 2015, 102 exchange students from over 47 universities spent time at Korea University and took courses offered by Department of Architecture.
  • Outgoing Exchange Students: From 2011 to 2016, total of 18 students studied abroad in 16 universities in 10 countries. Korea University offers exchange student programs with approximately 360 universities to exchange culture and knowledge.
  • Julia Vicenti, Karen Menegueti Moreira, Brendda Gaudencio, Carol Ramos Silva from Brazil are enjoying the cherry blossoms in the spring. “Being able to study in KU as an exchange student helped me broaden my horizons both culturally and architecturally, as I had the chance to live it and understand it in deeper level.” -Julia
  • Pedro Krefft Matte from Chile is presenting his studio project at the final review. “A different way to study architecture, different ways of understanding architecture, coming from a different culture... very good professors, with a lot of availability to help you and they care about you, a lot, and very healthy and supporter environment with the classmates, and with necessary installations at the university.” -Pedro
  • 2014학년도 건축학과 교환학생으로 브라질에서 고려대학교를 방문한 Thais Asano “My experience at Korea University Architecture (KUA) was interesting because I was able to know a little bit more about Korea: culture, education, architecture and landscape. In English classes at KUA, foreigners and Korean students were able to exchange ideas from different points of view and learn with each other.” -Thais

Exchange Student Programs Exchange Student Programs link >>

Since 2011, 18 students from our department participated in exchange student programs, visiting 16 different universities in 10 countries including Italy, UK, Australia and USA.

An average of 8.2 architecture students took courses from our department since 2011, and we have seen the number increase yearly. All of the visiting students praised friendly students and knowledgeable faculty of Department of Architecture, not to mention valuable cultural exchanges bewteen their classmates.

Korea University Office of Foreign Affairs offer ESP Program and VSP Program for Department of Architecture students. For more information, visit their website or make an appoint.