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The program is designed in accordance with the accreditation standards of Korea Architecture Accreditation Board. In order to obtain professional architectural degree, students must complete a total of 165 credits which is largely divided into two parts: General Courses (42 credits) and Major Courses (123 credits). Students must complete 16 general courses of which 6 courses must be taken from a list of liberal arts courses prepared by the department. Then, students enter into a highly coordinated programs that is divided into two parts: Major Required Courses (105 credits) and Major Elective Courses (18 credits). The Required Courses are sequentially programmed; hence, students must follow the diagram shown below. The Elective Courses can be chosen from a list of 16 elective courses offered by the department.

Eight Architecture Design courses (48 credits) are at the core of the curriculum. The major courses are intimately coordinated with studio courses in order to provide theoretical framework to design studios from three areas: cultural contexts, technology and professional practice.

  Courses Credits    
Total Credits Required to Graduate General Courses Elective Liberal Arts Credits 10 42
Core Liberal Arts Credits 9
Major-related Credits 13
Elective Credits 3
General Elective Credits 7
Major Courses Major Required Credits 105
Major Elective Credits 18
Total Credits 165